Business Valuations

Obtaining an accurate and independent business valuation can provide objective evidence as to the value of an organization's financial standing or a party’s interest in a business, and often functions as a critical component to many transactional and litigation matters.

J.M. Newler CPA & Co. assists businesses and attorneys throughout New Jersey and the New York City and Philadelphia metro areas by providing accurate business valuations in connection with the following types of situations:

  • Partnership disputes
  • Minority shareholder actions
  • Business dissolution and liquidation
  • Evaluating economic damages
  • Succession planning
  • Buy-sell agreements
  • Securing financing
  • Matrimonial and divorce matters
  • Tax-related valuations

Each business is unique to its particular market and competitive environment. As a result, performing an objective and accurate valuation is often open to subjective analysis. To hold up to examination in court, a valuation must include a thorough analysis of the business at issue, accounting for current market trends, and considering not only its standing relative to its immediate competitors, but to the industry as a whole. An experienced valuator can use his or her expertise to determine which standard of valuation, methodology, and approach will achieve the most accurate and complete results in a given situation.

Our familiarity with a wide variety of businesses and industries combined with our extensive experience providing expert witness testimony in both transactional and litigation matters allows us to build a complete picture of a particular entity's value that will hold up to close scrutiny. To schedule a consultation to find the value of your business or a client's business, contact J. M. Newler CPA & Co. today.


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