Forensics & Fraud

J.M. Newler CPA & Co. provides extensive litigation and forensic accounting support to attorneys throughout New Jersey and in the New York City and Philadelphia metro areas, encompassing a wide range of cases. Our firm can serve in a variety of capacities, including as a court-appointed or jointly appointed expert witness, or as an independent expert for either the plaintiff or defense.

In almost any type of civil litigation where finances are at stake, it is crucial to have an accurate, defensible analysis of the extent of the assets or damages. Our firm provides forensic accounting services in a variety of matters, including but not limited to:

  • Matrimonial matters, including asset calculations for property and debt division, child support, and spousal support/alimony
  • Business damages, including lost profits, lost value, extra cost, lost cash flow, lost revenue, and other damages caused by:
    • Breaches of contract
    • Malpractice
    • Intellectual property theft or infringement
    • Other business interruptions
  • Personal damages, including lost wages and damages sustained due to a personal injury or wrongful death incident, wrongful termination, or breach of contract.
  • Fraud or embezzlement analysis of the losses sustained
  • Business valuations:
    • Divorce
    • Oppressed shareholder actions
    • Partnership disputes

Fraud Accounting

J.M. Newler CPA & Co. has particular expertise in evaluating the extent of losses sustained in cases of fraud. Firm principal Jerome Newler has testified as an expert witness numerous times for both defendants in IRS and tax fraud matters and for commercial and business plaintiffs bringing fraud actions.

To find out how our firm can assist your case by providing thorough, accurate, and defensible forensic accounting and expert testimony, contact J. M. Newler CPA & Co. today.


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